“Where he comes from, nobody knows. But the reason he came is clear: to listen and to whisper”



    Suddenly, he was standing there, in the heart of Antwerp. High on the roof, near the MAS. With his heads in the clouds. Keeping an eye on things, there where ships, residents and visitors feel the wind in their sails, on the Island. The Island of The Antwerp Whisperer.


    “Where he comes from, nobody knows. But the reason he came is clear: to listen and to whisper. The things that are entrusted to him in the city by the river, he expresses in a whisper. He blows all the collected beauty back into the city, so that every passer-by stops for a moment to reflect, think or smile.


    Come to the Island and listen to what The Antwerp Whisperer has to say. Or whisper what you have to say by using the special 'The Whisperer' app. Let your heart speak and let The Antwerp Whisperer whisper a personal message into the ear of your chosen listener.

    Allow him to say what you never had the courage to say

About us

  • Founder Rudy Stevens

    From the first moment that entrepreneur Rudy Stevens saw Daisy Boman's artwork, he could not forget the pure, universal images. Together with the artist, the entrepreneur decided to make plans for something big. Something that would leave no one untouched. In the city where Rudy is at home and Daisy feels at home: Antwerp.

  • Contemporary figurehead

    What started as a pact between like-minded people, between art lovers and an artist, grew into an alliance between art and technology. An agreement that connects Antwerp with the world and people with each other. It was clear that The Antwerp Whisperer would not become a static sculpture that people would passively admire, but a contemporary figurehead for Antwerp.

  • Artist Daisy Boman

    For the Antwerp Whisperer, Daisy had to take a giant leap out of her comfort zone. She created Bomans that are 200 times larger than her familiar clay figures and she crossed the exciting border into technology. Rudy Stevens moved heaven and earth to ensure that The Antwerp Whisperer would have a unique identity and a distinctive spot, on the Island, in his beloved city. Dozens of sympathizers decided to support him in his cause, which helped him to realize his dream.

  • The Antwerp Whisperer

    And so today, within walking distance from the MAS, we proudly present, The Antwerp Whisperer. The result of thinking and dreaming together. An interactive work of art that makes passersby stop for a moment and become quiet within. Quiet enough to hear The Antwerp Whisperer whisper your wishes, dreams and thoughts.